First blog post

“What should my first blog post be about?  Should it be an introduction to myself?  No,  that is what an ‘About’ page is for…  Maybe I should jump right into what my page is going to be focused on?  Uh,  maybe I should do a book review?  I mean,  I am going to talk a lot about books.  Maybe it would be smart to start that way so that people are not misguided and immediately know what my blog will be about.  HA.  No, that is too smart of a decision for me.  I cannot have peoples expectations of me to be that high.”  

Sorry,  but I definitely cannot have expectations of me start off high.  So,  instead I decided to have my “First Blog Post” to be the backstory of my site name,  Outside Callisto.

There are a couple of reasons why I created the name.  We can start at where I got “Outside” from.  If you have not read my “About” page, there is a quote that I start off with.

“Like the way you dig sunsets, Pony. That’s gold. Keep it that way, it’s a good way to be (Hinton).”

(I hope to Zeus that you know where that quote is from).  The Outsiders by S.E Hinton was a major turning point for me concerning reading.  The book not only made me fall in love with reading by the 60’s aesthetic or the bad boy feels;  but also because it made me really start thinking about the world around me.  At an age where girls are only expected to think about boys,  school,  and the next in-style trend -I was more concerned with the fact that not everyone was being treated equally or that there were people not being fed every day.  Those are things that still bother me to this day that push me to try and make a difference in the world.  So,  that being said…  “Outside” is a reference to the book as well as the way I feel, compared to others around me.  I am on the “outside” while others are still living inside the box.

Have you ever heard of Jupiter’s second largest moon,  Callisto?  It is a beautiful moon that is the most densely cratered surface in our solar system (besides my face when it is that time of the month). What gives off the look of multiple neurons lighting up all over the moon?  Those are the sparkling ice deposits on the highest peaks of the surface reflecting light from our sun.  Ready for the deep meaning behind this?  I guess it is the fact that something that is so flawed could be the most beautiful…  Or vice versa.  *ssssnake noisessss* cropped-334e4996793d988db6d076c5ef66d492.png

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  1. Hi – thanks for the follow! We’re looking forward to following you and excited to see what your blog becomes. Always happy to follow a fellow Friends fan. 🙂

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    1. Oh my gosh, thank you! I love your guys blog! It helps me try to navigate becoming an adult as well 😄

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