Photo Challenge: Temporary

via Photo Challenge: Temporary

Temporary people.  Temporary feelings.  Temporary moments.  Temporary life.

You could see this as a depressing word or feeling,  but why not as a reminder?  When I saw this challenge, I was hit with a montage of memories with my friends and family.IMG_8080  People who I do not even talk to anymore,  but still hope they are doing well.  I tell myself that everything is temporary as a reminder to make life more memorable.  I want to KNOW that when these moments fade,  I will be grateful for the amazing time I did have.  One day,  I will look at old pictures of my life and smile.  There is nothing permanent in our world, not even a so-called “permanent marker.”

Live the life that people write novels about. cropped-334e4996793d988db6d076c5ef66d492.png

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