Everyday Characters

I wonder what it would be like to be a background character in a book?  What if the books we read were real and the girl/guy that passed by in a red hoodie that was oblivious to the small fantasies in the world, was you?  These stories have to come from somewhere…  Don’t they?  

Time and place:  4:00 P.M. @ Bon Temps Café

The smell of coffee under an old bridge is soothing for some reason.  At the moment, I am sitting in a coffee shop and looking at all of the people;  I admit that I am a people watcher.  I tend to see the same characteristics in these people as I do in my books.

Like Mare Barrow,  Red Queen series,  is currently talking to her bestfriend in the booth across from mine.  She is telling him how hard things are between her parents.  From what I hear, her dad had a PTSD episode.  Things did not go over well…  But she is keeping high spirits for him.  Though,  she does not want her mother to get hurt.  I can see that she is brave and determined.  She wants to see the good in her father,  even if there is not much left due to horrid circumstances.  (I am still hoping that Maven figures out how to be who he was before and that he and Mare end up together).

Erik,  House of Nightseries,  is sitting next to his girlfriend.  He is the Erik from after he became a Tracker.  He is not focusing on her, but is complaining about how his ACL injury has taken him out of the local district football games and maybe his chance at a good college scholarship.  Hopefully,  he heels well and gets out of this rut.  Erik ended up doing well in the end.  Maybe this girl is his Shaunee?  I hope he does not let this injury control him and that he ends up doing what he loves.

Clary,  The Mortal Instruments,  is sitting outside painting next to someone who,  very coincidentally,  looks like Magnus Bane.  They are laughing from what I see.  She is a very talented artist.  Maybe I could take a picture of her painting in a minute  (She left afterwards).  I cannot hear them,  I am mostly basing this off of her looks and that she is painting.  She is very petite,  a strawberry blonde,  and looks like she can kick ass if need-be.  Her smile looks genuine and friendly.  Could she be hiding some kind of family horrors behind it or is this after everything ended and is happily doing what she loves?

These are the things I think about when I am out in public.  Seeing all of these people walking down the street, going through rush hour, or just reading in a booth at the hip coffee bar.  Are there real life people doing what I read about?  If so,  I guess I will say that I am lucky to not have to go through it.  I mean, who really wants their first love to betray them?  Their life to be completely turned up side down after it was all planned out?  Or even, that their family was ripped apart?  I am just as happy reading or imagining it,  because the things our favorite characters go through…  Whether they be real or made up,  I would not wish half of it on my worst enemy. cropped-334e4996793d988db6d076c5ef66d492.png

Thank you for reading!  Creative Criticism is very much welcomed and appreciated!

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