Book Review: Foolish Hearts

Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

Rating: 4.5/5

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This wonderful little treasure is based around a 17 year-old girl named Claudia who finds herself in a bit of a pickle during a party.  After being caught accidentally over hearing the break up of the century (high school world, not real world), she is thrust into a series of events that have her and newly single Iris obligated to audition for the school play.  Here is where we follow Claudia trying to find her way through unlikely friendships, a new confusing romance, and learning how to accept change and love people for who they are; even herself.

“It just feels like…” Her voice small. “Sometimes it just feels like I’m faking.”  

“Maybe everyone feels that way.”IMG_8429_edited

A contemporary is something that I am not well versed in.  To be honest, I did not go to the store to specifically buy this book or anything like that, I actually received it in my December 2017 Owlcrate box.  For the past two months, it has just been sitting on my shelf looking pretty (I mean, look at that cover) and collecting dust.  So, after a couple of days debating if I wanted to read it or not, I decided to give it a go.  And I must say that I cannot clarify or describe how quickly I fell in love with this gem.

The world and characters immediately drew me in from the start.  I continuously caught myself relate to Claudia in so many ways and really concentrated on her growth throughout the story.  As well as Iris’.  DEAR LORD, I could not get enough of Iris’ and Claudia’s friendship!  Their banter and brilliant opposing yet oddly compatible personalities really brought this story to another level.  Oh, and I cannot forget Gideon!

Gideon, the beautiful little flower that he is, was just so precious.  The way that we were led to believe he was one floating-hearts-heart-love-lover-valentine-kissway and then how we where brought along the journey with Claudia to learn who he really is…  I fell in love with him from the start!  Especially with his desire to connect with Claudia in any way that he could, even learning all about a video game just so that he could play it with her.  Seriously, this beautiful soul created a character and joined her game… I guess that is just another JustGideonPrewittThing.  (I would definitely follow JustGideonPrewittThings if I could.)

Speaking of that, my guilty pleasure in this book were the video game references.  I honestly felt more connected to Claudia because of her video game past time.  I had a deja vu moment when she attempted to explain what Battle Quest was to Gideon because I am pretty sure I have had the same conversation with any friend of mine about WoW (World of Warcraft) or Halo…

Anyway, I might not have read this book on my own but I am so glad that it has stumbled into my life.  It was an adorable, quirky, and happy read.  I definitely see myself rereading it in the future and I have already ordered a couple more Emma Mills books.  Please let me know of any other contemporaries you think are noteworthy so that I can give them a try!  Also, warning you now- I felt like I needed to fill a void after reading this so I binged watched every Rom-Com on my DVD case.  Please, do not judge me.334e4996793d988db6d076c5ef66d492



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