“Like the way you dig sunsets, Pony. That’s gold. Keep it that way, it’s a good way to be. (Hinton)”

The thing with “About” pages,  is that you never know how to start them.  I can tell you that I have rewritten this passage about six times in just the last 20 minutes.  I mean,  how can you make yourself sound appealing while not tooting your own horn at the same time?  *Ugh*

(About: on the subject of; concerning)

On the subject of myself, I guess you could say I am an “open book.”  *wink, wink*  (Oh my, I apologize now for what you are in for if you continue to follow my blog).  Anyway,  from what others say about me, I wear my thoughts and feelings on my face.  I really am an open book when it comes to what I am thinking.  A past supervisor of mine once told me to “fix my face.”  To shed some light on that,  I worked retail and an extremely rude woman came in and expected me to do an absurd task, that I will not disclose,  and my thought on that was plastered onto my face.  She was not happy about that…  It is like my own little super power, but it tends to get me in more trouble than anything.

In those moments of trouble, I tend to become Chandler Bing.

If you do not know whotumblr_mpwphbJr6M1s42u83o1_500 that is,  you are surely missing out on an amazing show.  You could say that he is my “Spirit Animal” because I make really bad jokes in times of distress or any kind of awkward situation. (seek bad pun from above)

Oh,  I am getting off subject.  Are you wondering why I wrote an Outsiders quote at the top?  If not,  good for you.  You probably understand why already.  If not,  it is obviously my favorite quote (I say as if you know me already).  It explains my mentality too well for being less than 20 words.  I like what I like, there is no need to be embarrassed of your simple pleasures in life.

A few of my simple pleasures are:  books,  photography,  art,  and video games.  You will see a multitude of posts about each on my blog here to come.  By the way, I am sorry about the bad grammar or incorrect punctuation.  My justification behind it will be that it is my “writing tone” or “artistic direction.”

Do you think you know enough about me yet?  If not, I promise you will learn more by reading my posts.  Hope you like them!334e4996793d988db6d076c5ef66d492